“Stay Connected”

Pastor Mike
June 7, 2016

“Stay Connected”

Getting power to the whole house can be tricky and time consuming. However, if you want electricity and plumbing in the back rooms of your house, you better plan for it now or it will be more costly to put it in later.  All the electrical lines and plumbing needs to be laid into the home now before the walls are sealed up.

Today we will look at laying in the proper electrical lines and plumbing to ensure that our power source (holy spirit) and plumbing (living waters) can effectively flow throughout our homes.  How we communicate with one another will determine the flow of our life source throughout our families.  Poor communication can cause power outages, and clogged plumbing which causes discomfort and stink in the house. Effective Communication requires that we all stay vertical, stay connected to the Lord in order to connect and communicate horizontally to one another.

Week 5 EHM Stay Connected BULLETIN NOTES

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