“In Has To Go”

Pastor Lori
May 22, 2016

“In Has To Go”

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Demolition day is an exciting day!  Many would consider it fun.  After all who doesn’t like knocking down walls.  Or is it really fun?

We will be doing some demolition in this message.  We will go after wrong philosophies, behaviors, association and mindsets (spirit of manipulation, samurai spirit, jezebel spirit, spirit of rebellion or control, etc).  When you come up against a load bearing wall or a mindset that has been present generationally, it is not enough to try and remove it.  We must first put up a header or support beam of God’s truth in order to tear down that wall completely! This work can be messy and take a lot of work. We should be sure to have the appropriate tools (prayer tools), realize it’s going to get worse before it get’s better, and know when to ask for help.  One thing is for sure, when walls, cabinets and possibly ceilings are coming down and shoveled into the dumpsters, there is a growing realization that there is no turning back.  This phase of our extreme makeover will truly test your will to accomplish the Master Designer’s plan.

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