“Home Security”

Pastor Lori
June 12, 2016

“Home Security”

“When building a home or remodeling, people usually think about the granite countertops, the extensive square footage or the number of windows in the new space. Much of the time, little thought is given to one of the most integral parts of the home — the interior walls.

Most people don’t think about the walls in their homes unless there’s a problem or they move into a studio apartment. Yet, interior walls provide privacy and separation. They can also act as sound barriers, insulators and even offer additional fire resistance to protect those within the home.  Two of the most common forms of interior wall materials are plaster and drywall. Plaster has been used since ancient times. As technology advanced, drywall became more durable and readily available. The product now covers a majority of the interior walls in modern day homes.”  On our journey of extreme home makeover we must examine what walls, barriers, or insulations do we need to put up in order to protect our families from the outside world and spiritual darkness?  How do we prevent those things we demolished from being resurrected in our homes now that we’ve cleaned it all out?  In this message, we will learn how to spiritually protect our homes and keep a spiritually clean home.


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