“Give Mom a Makeover!”

Pastor Lori
May 8, 2016

“Give Mom a Makeover!”

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WEEK 1:  Happy Mother’s Day – Give Mom a Makeover!

As we honor mothers today, we will look at the perfect mother’s day gift – a makeover.  We’re not talking about getting her a new fashion or hairstyle. We’re not even talking about helping her get that physical fitness training to help her drop those undesired extra pounds.  We are talking about making over a mom’s most treasured possession – her home, her family.  What family exists today that doesn’t need some kind of makeover? Whether your family needs some minor cosmetic changes or a total extreme makeover, there are six major components or degrees of renovations.  This week we will establish what these six areas are and why they are important. However, this close examination can pose major budgetary strains.  Regardless, as a family, we must count the cost and be settled to pay what ever is necessary to complete the Master’s design.

Application: Overview

  • Design & Planning
  • Demolition
  • Framing
  • Connection
  • Plastering
  • Finish Work & Maintenance

Extreme Home Makeover wk1 Counting the Cost

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