“Freedom’s Frame”

Pastor Lori
May 31, 2016

“Freedom’s Frame”

We’re almost there!  The project is almost complete.  Now it’s time to put up the new framework.  This is the process of putting up the structure for where new walls will be going in.  Often times, it is difficult to visualize what the new home will look up when all one sees is framing.  This might cause some apprehension in the homeowner because what they were hoping would be their dream home simply just looks like a mess of unfinished.

This week we will look at the proper framing for our new homes.  We will take a closer examination of dad’s role of being the head of the home, mom’s role to be a support to her husband and the primary teacher to her children, children obeying their parents, and everybody submitting one to another in love.  Through a closer look into the book of Ephesians, we will understand the framework to be liberating not make one feel hindered or in bondage.


Freedom’s Frame_bulletin notes with answers

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