Pastor Lori
January 3, 2016


The New Year 2016 is here.  Have you figured out by now that “resolutions” don’t really work?  But if we don’t make resolutions then what?  There’s so much about our lives we would like to see change.

In this series we want to introduce you to something called BREAKTHROUGH.  What we need is not another message on how to change in our own strength, using our own willpower.  What we need is a SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH.  Beginning a relationship with Christ is awesome because He guarantees our place in Heaven for all eternity, but there is so much more to the Christian life than just waiting for Heaven!  You may not have realized it, but for your entire life you have had spiritual adversaries, enemies of your soul.  It’s not like in “Star Wars,” but there really is a “Dark Side.”  It has opposed every step you’ve tried to take toward God and His perfect plan for your life.  And once you come to Christ the spiritual battle only intensifies!

So begin this New Year not by making resolutions you’ll never keep, but by learning to fight and win the spiritual war against the enemies of your soul.  In 2016 experience a FREEDOM through the power of the Spirit you’ve never had before!  BREAKTHROUGH!

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