Blockbuster4: “Aladdin”

Pastor Lori
July 21, 2019

Blockbuster4: “Aladdin”

Today we are going to be looking at Aladdin and learning how to live out our own rags to riches story.

Here, we see a peasant orphan boy raised in the hostile impoverished streets of Agrabah. He is what one would expect doing whatever he can to survive in such an unforgiving environment. Yet, he lives up to the character one would expect to find in royalty and families of nobility. He develops into a man of honorable character revealing his true nature from within.

Yes, he is every bit as guilty of thievery by every bread he has stolen, every fruit he has been seduced by and every cave that he burgled. And, as we see this about him, perhaps we see a little bit of ourselves in him.

Aladdin_Bulletin Notes

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