“A Father’s Joy”

Pastor Lori
June 19, 2016

“A Father’s Joy”

It’s finally finished!  And now we can bring in the interior designer to put our personal touches on our homes.  Most importantly, we need a plan to maintain our newly renovated homes.  Things like the roof, windows, doors, walls, and foundation should be carefully monitored so from time to time there are minor adjustments and upkeep instead of a complete overhaul.  When everything is strong and in alignment the home experiences the shalom peace of Christ which is truly a Father’s Joy!

1.  Foundation – are we continue to stand on the word of God

2.  Roof – are we under the covering of the Lord?  Are we submitted to the authority of     the Lord? Is our spiritual alignment correct?

3.  Doors and Windows – are their any open doors or windows for the enemy to enter in?

Bulletin Notes Fathers Joy

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