Sermon Archives: September2017

Pastor Rich
September 24, 2017

Missions Update Sunday

Visiting Pastor Rich walks the congregation through how New Hope Central Oahu has been impacting people around the world, with help from brother Wayne!

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Pastor Earl
September 17, 2017

Switch On Your Brain: “Automatic: The Power of Habits”

(No Audio) Congratulations! If you completed the 21-Day Brain Detox program you have begun to develop a new, healthy habit in your life!  It is vital that we be intentional about the habits we form because whether we realize it or not, we are forming habits all the time.  When we repeat a behavior again…

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Pastor Lori
September 10, 2017

Switch On Your Brain: “Take Action”

(No Audio Available) Welcome to your final week (Day 15) of our 21-Day Brain Detox program! Today, we will examine how thoughts lead to actions that become habits that determine our character and our destiny. Do you see how powerful our thoughts are?  When we repeat certain actions over and over again that becomes lifestyle. …

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Pastor Lori
September 5, 2017

Switch On Your Brain: “The Scribe”

We’re on week 2 (Day 8) of our 21-Day Brain Detox.  Now that you’re somewhat familiar with the program, we want to focus on the part called “Revisit.”  This is where we examine the way we are thinking and allow the Word of God through the illumination of the Holy Spirit to edit how we…

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